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Bør vi være bekymret?
21.05.2001 10:17

USAs oppbremsing gir lavere import fra Japan/Asia
+ Det er allerede bankkrise i Japan
+ Vedvarende høye oljepriser
= ?
21.05.2001 10:20

jeg er bekymra for USA's Kina-politikk
21.05.2001 10:20

Hva tenker du på?
21.05.2001 10:38

* Kina holdes utenfor WTO og blir mødt med handelshindringer.

* Millitært: bl.a. spionflyopplegget og Taiwan-konflikten er farlig..

13.06.2001 17:55

FM Spokesman: China, US consensus conducive to China's WTO entry
Jun 13 2001 10:08AM


The consensus reached between China and the United States is conducive to the finalization of relevant papers on China's entry to the World Trade Organization (WTO), Foreign Ministry spokesman Sun Yuxi told a routine press conference Tuesday, Xinhua reports.

Sun made the remark when asked to confirm last weekend's report carried by Xinhua regarding the consensus reached recently between China and the United States on the multi-lateral trade talks.

Consultations were held between Chinese trade officials and US Trade Representative Robert Zoellick on the remaining issues pertaining to the multilateral talks that lead to China's WTO entry, during the APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) meeting for ministers responsible for trade last Wednesday and Thursday in Shanghai, and the two sides reached "full consensus", Sun added.

"This has served to create important conditions for the 16th session of the China working group of the WTO to be held in Geneva at the end of this month, and for ending the essential talks for China's accession to the WTO at an early date," Sun said.

China and the United States reached an agreement on China's WTO entry in November 1999, Sun said. "China has maintained contacts and communication with all the WTO members, the United States included, on the multilateral talks and draft of legal documents", he said, describing such contacts and communication as "beneficial ".

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