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ITR - Palo Alto
06.04.2000 14:10


Friday 5/19/00 Iterated Systems 9:00 - 10:30 A.M. Holtum 1120
See how easy it is to prepare large volumes of digital images for cross-media publishing and e-commerce. In this demo, see how the MediaBin platform combines image storage with a powerful image processing engine to deliver speed, control, and flexibility to brand image management. Web, e-commerce, branding, marketing communications, corporate photography, and other digital image managers can streamline image production and distribution. Faster image production means faster deployment and updates of web sites and promotional campaigns.
Featured MediaBin components include:

Self-service delivery to provide access to images to anyone, anywhere via a browser interface.
Single core asset model ensures brand image integrity across projects and departments.
Automated production to automatically repurpose brand images for new output media through tasks and hot folders.
Image tracking to update web images dynamically.
Version control to ensure that only brand correct images are used.
Searchable image database to store all brand-approved images. Search using unlimited metadata fields and by image content.
This demo also includes case studies of companies currently using the system to manage thousands of product images, logos, and other brand-related imagery. By using MediaBin, you can more easily catalog, track, update, and distribute images to both internal and external consumers

Arne Amatør
06.04.2000 14:52

Lenge siden ordrebildet har vært så hyggelig lesning!
06.04.2000 15:16

Synest det er rart at ikke folk har fått øynene opp for ITR, den er jo latterlig lavt priset.
og med tanke på at den har hat et høyde hopp allerede i år:
denne må opp opp og vekk

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