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CNR comments by Proshop225, 7Jan 06, 10:30PM
08.01.2007 07:06

"Commentary On Several Issues"

Well, here we are with yet another sky is falling; woe is me; the whole town's under water; we're all gonna die...because of a press release which details pretty typical oilfield snafu's...except for the part about where it tried to blow out on 'em while running pipe.
That's not how they put it, but that's exactly what it is when it starts flowing your way when your running in with pipe. That's pretty strong for a formation to do that.
So, I'm sure the sheeple in Oslo will cost us all a bunch in the morning...most (but not all) wouldn't know good news if you put it on a blimp at night over Oslo in Norwegian.
Then we'll just recover a little and founder around for a month to 6 weeks in a price range; and then those of us with the balls, patience and a little bit of true knowledge about what we've really just been told, are going to make an absolute fortune.
Oh, one more thing....the veiled rather disparaging references of the "oilmen" (of which I am one) by our new resident magnanimous sage Judna; who by his own admission owns not one single share of CNR; and, who by his own admission is only trying to help us see the light; and, by the many comments made showing an utter and complete lack of any education in, or knowledge of, oil operations of any kind: I've drilled more than 200 wells....and you asshole, would not know a reserve pit from a peach pit.
Advice to you and those of your pitiful ilk; best be thought a fool than to open your mouth and verify that you are.
There's a whole lot of good people who work very hard for their money who will lose (on paper) alot in the morning, and I am one of those.
We don't need to be told anything about anything by you.
That said, if anyone needs anything form me, I'll be over at IV.
To all the good ones here, and there are many, all the best!
To Judna and the like, eat shit and die.
08.01.2007 08:09

Vi fortsetter å benytte den CNR topicen som vi har.


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