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Douglas Adams er død
12.05.2001 20:58

Kjempetrist nyhet: Douglas Adams er død, bare 49 år gammel. En eminent skribent med en unik humor koblet med skarp innsikt og masse kunnskap. Klassikeren Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy har de fleste i det minste hørt om, men disse anbefales også på det varmeste:
Last Chance to see
Some years ago Douglas Adams wrote The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy , a story about the world being unexpectedly demolished by hideous creatures from another planet. It was meant as a joke... Now, animal by animal, tree by tree, the world is being demolished around us; not by Vogons, on other planets, Douglas decided it was time to think about the absurdities of life on Earth, and what we are doing to it. He teams up with zoologist and photographer Mark Carwardine, and together they set off around the world - to China in search of one of the rarest and most endangered animals on Earth.
The meaning of Liff
Does the sensation of Tingrith make you yelp? Do you bend sympathetically when you see someone Ahenny? Can you deal with a Naugatuck without causing a Toronto? Will you suffer from Kettering this summer? Probably. You are almost certainly familiar with all these experiences, but just didn't know that there are words for them. Well, in fact, there aren't - or rather there weren't, until Douglas Adams and John Lloyd decided to plug these egregious linguistic lacunae by getting a few beers and a notebook and sitting on the beach for a couple of weeks. They quickly realised that just as there are an awful lot of experiences that no one has a name for, so there are a lot of awful names if places you will never need to go to. What a waste. What a terrible, senseless waste of the linguistic resources this planet. Did you know that at the current rate at which new places and things are being generated, we will exhaust all possible names for them by the year 2015?

-- "So long, and thanks for all the fish", Douglas Adams

Sid Fernwilter
12.05.2001 21:17

Forferdelig trist. Var kjempefan av Hitchhiker-serien. Føler meg litt som Marvin etter denne nyheten. :-(
12.05.2001 21:32

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

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