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GIPS - Microsoft
17.12.2001 22:48

Hvor stor sansynlighet er det for at Microsoft inngår en kontrakt med GIPS og hva vil de eventuelt bety for GIPS i kroner og ører?
18.12.2001 23:33


Axiom8 Selects Global IP Sound To Enhance Its Converged Communications Solution
IGIPS SoundWare™ Provides High Fidelity Sound Quality to the Axiom8 Dynamic Collaborative Communications™ Application

San Francisco – December 18, 2001 – Global IP Sound, Inc., (GIPS), a provider of sound processing software for interactive, real-time communications over packet networks, and Axiom8, Inc., a developer of enterprise-wide, converged communication solutions, today announced that the GIPS suite of SoundWare™ products will be integrated into Ossia™, a Dynamic Collaborative Communications™ application from Axiom8.

Ossia is a communications software solution that uses existing telephony and network infrastructures to provide seamless communications across all types of devices. With the integration of GIPS SoundWare, Ossia users will be able to experience better-than-PSTN voice quality when speaking over IP networks, even under severe packet loss, delay, and jitter conditions.

“We were looking for a partner to help us enhance the sound quality of our product offering, Ossia. One that would solve the inherent audio quality problems of telephony, especially over IP networks. GIPS solves the classic VoIP issues such as latency, echo, and cropped or rearranged voice packets,” said Peter Sispoidis, chief technology officer for Axiom8. “Our partnership with GIPS allows Axiom8 to focus 100% of our development efforts on product feature enhancements by leveraging GIPS’ expertise in sound processing technology. Together we deliver a superior communications experience.”

Ossia bridges IP and PSTN networks to provide users with unprecedented access and connectivity, plus the power to control how and where users want to be reached, when, and by whom. Accessible from a PC client via LAN, WAN, or Internet, and by telephone through a voice-recognition interface, Ossia provides users with flexible options including multi-party spontaneous live or scheduled video, audio, and text conferencing, instant text messaging, and email integration.

“Axiom8 and GIPS both offer technologies to augment and enhance communications. We share a vision of delivering products that improve the interactive audio experience, allowing users to connect with one another more effectively,” said Paolo Spada, president and chief executive officer of Global IP Sound. “We are happy that Axiom8 has chosen our complete suite of SoundWare products for Ossia.”

The GIPS SoundWare suite includes a range of embedded sound processing software designed for interactive audio over packet communications. Integrated into the software stack of IP network edge devices, such as Ossia software gateways and clients, GIPS SoundWare operates as a complement to earlier codecs, which were designed specifically for circuit-switched (PSTN) network conditions. By employing a standardized multi-descriptive approach and combined jitter buffer and error concealment, the software reduces the effects of packet loss and delay, and reduces error correction requirements, providing significant measured improvements in fidelity under all operating conditions. Enhanced audio quality is achieved without significant increase in demands on the IP network, including bandwidth requirements.

About Axiom8, Inc.
Axiom8, Inc. develops products designed to extend the power of human communications through technology. Ossia, a Dynamic Collaborative Communications application, solves the real problem of today's business communications, by connecting people with people rather than machines.
At Axiom8, we believe that people want to talk, debate, ask, answer, learn, and make decisions by working with others in real-time and in person, from wherever they are and faster than ever before. Ossia, a CPE solution for the enterprise market, converges Unified Communications, Real-Time Multimedia Conferencing, Presence and Availability Management and Real-Time Data Collaboration. Ossia provides access to people and resources by converging networks, control through intelligent availability management tools, and allows choice by supporting the most effective communication tools for every situation. Ossia makes this possible by leveraging current communication infrastructures and extending the capabilities of natural human interaction. More information about Axiom8's products and services can be found at www.axiom8.com.

About Global IP Sound
Global IP Sound (GIPS), founded in 1999, has a team of world leading speech processing and IP telephony experts focused on developing speech and audio processing software for real-time interactive communications over packet networks. GIPS enhanced standard implementations and new speech processing technology are specifically designed for voice over IP. They provide dramatically increased robustness to degraded network conditions, as well as better than PSTN sound quality and fidelity in end-to-end IP communications. More information on GIPS is available at www.globalipsound.com.

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